Sustainability Specialists With Expertise In Recycling And Waste Flow Strategies

Do you need help…
…controlling your budget?
…achieving zero waste through landfill diversion and recycling?
…starting and growing a trash segregation or green program?
…meeting government or corporate regulations and mandates?
…training staff or developing policies and communications?
…establishing a green team or their agenda?
…conducting a LEED audit or sustainability assessment?

We, Reduction In Motion, have been helping companies along their path to sustainability since 2002. We are consultants with expertise in waste minimization and flow. Our clients’ programs are built to last, because we’re there every step of the way, from planning and training all the way through monitoring and tracking.

We’ll work with you to design a comprehensive segregation program complete with polices, communications, trainings, equipment recommendations, and data tools. Whether you consider us a sustainability consultant, waste management consultant or recycling consultant, Reduction In Motion does more than traditional waste brokering or consulting. What makes us different is how we work on-site with you to implement the program by conducting training, guiding program deployment, engaging vendors and tracking data. Let us act as your insurance policy; making sure you meet government regulations and corporate expectations while implementing best management practices and achieving industry-wide respect.

But we know sustainability is more than waste consulting. Let us work with you to grow your green team and its agenda. We’ll help you design a brand, establish goals, report to executives and apply for awards and recognition. Successfully incorporating sustainability into your organization means making it a part of everyday operations; let us help drive the cultural change necessary to make that happen.

Message From Our President

Waste Audit Pile

Waste Audit

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Workplace Solutions

We believe in facilitation over consultation.  When you hire us, we won’t just give you advice; we’ll roll up our sleeves and help you find a solution…

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