Professional trash talkers changing the way you think about trash™

We are professional trash talkers.  We help reduce your environmental impact by changing the way you think about trash.  Your employees become more engaged with innovative programs that promote and maintain your sustainability goals.  For nearly 15 years, we have been helping large and small organizations like yours to save hundreds of thousands of dollars with customized “trash talk” consulting and training.

Together, let’s design a waste management program complete with policies, communications, trainings, vendor engagement, equipment recommendations, monitoring tools, culture change and employee engagement, and much more.

What makes us different?  We work on-site with you, the entire time.


Message From Our President

Waste Audit Pile

Waste Audit

How well do you know your waste streams? How good is your recycling rate? Do you know what recycling and green opportunities exist in your area? …

Workplace Solutions for You & Your Employees

We believe in facilitation over consultation.  When you hire us, we won’t just give you advice; we’ll roll up our sleeves and help you find a solution…

waste stream

Trash Talk 101

Are you a good trash talker? To put a successful waste program in place, you first need to understand what you’re throwing away…